My ring won’t go live

Hi I have just bought a ring doorbell yesterday. Someone has come to my door pressed the bell and since then I can’t go live.
I’ve looked at wifi strength and that’s working ok it’s less than 12 feet away from the hub (WiFi router)
Can anyone help or direct me on what to do. I’ve removed the battery and reinserted it I’m lost for something that was working fine connected to mobile and Alexa

Hi there, @mrskatieH! Live View connection concerns are often related to wifi or Ring app connection variables. Checking wifi signal strength was a great call. Here is our Community post about RSSi for tips on optimizing this signal. Removing and reinstalling the Ring app is a great step to ensure the app is optimally integrated with your mobile device and up to date. Feel free to also check out this Community post for more live view troubleshooting steps. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hey there @Marley - so please help me out here. When, if ever, is the ring technology at fault ? How does this community go about getting the issues they collectively report addressed in a professional manner. Delete your ring application and reinstall is a 1970’ish solution.

Problem report #10002 - Customers reporting ring won’t go live.

Happy New Year !

Spoke with Level 2 support and they are suggesting to check with the ISP. I don’t think everyone complaining here uses the same internet provider. So more likely, issue is with the Ring App.