My ring spotlight cam constantly has the door falling open andhad to resort to sticking it up with tape. Is thrrr a better solution?

My ring spotlight cam constantly has the battery door falling open and I have to use some sticky tape. Is there a better solution?

Hi @user12670. Is there any dirt or debris in the way, causing a clearance issue? The Battery Hatch should remain closed once it has positively been shut. Can you post a few pictures of the Battery Hatch? The Community might be able to identify any problematic areas.

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I have the same problem. This has been an issue since I installed the camera some time ago. It’s just recently gotten worse. Is there a fix ?

Hi @PK1957. As Tom suggested, ensure there is no dirt or debris in the way on the Spotlight Cam’s battery hatch and that it is firmly closed. Sharing pictures of what you’re seeing can help us or other members of the Community identify what may be the problem.