My ring solar panel for my doorbell

The ring solar panel that I bought for my doorbell does not have a USB connector, it is hardwired to two screws on back of the doorbell. Does it do anything to keep the battery charged? It doesn’t appear so.
The battery discharges same as it did before.
I bough the recommended model from ring for my doorbell. The solar panels that I bought for my cameras do have a USB connector, did ring sell me the wrong thing?

Hi @Tikijack. The Solar Charger or Solar Panel for Ring Doorbells do not have a USB connector because there is not a USB plug on the Doorbell for this purpose. The Solar Charger or Solar Panel for your Doorbell connects to the terminals on the back of your Doorbell to provide a trickle charge to the battery, as long as the panel is receiving adequate sunlight. This is not going to charge the battery as quickly as plugging it in with the original charging cable, but can help extend the amount of time between manual charges.

We recommend at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day, though the battery life will still depend on how much activity the Doorbell experiences. Cloudy weather or other obstructions to direct sunlight, such as trees or porch coverings, will also impact the panel’s ability to provide a trickle charge. You can learn more here. Additionally, ensure the panel is securely connected to the Doorbell and is free of any dirt or debris.

If your Solar Charger or Solar Panel is receiving adequate direct sunlight and you have reduced any excessive activity, but the battery is not receiving a trickle charge, please follow up with our support team to take a closer look. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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