My Ring rings, but the indoor Ring chime does not

They have worked well since we got them, but of late, the Ring itself chimes but the chime inside the house does not. It also no longer connects to our WiFi, which is working just fine on all our other devices, thank you very much. Is this planned obsolescence requiring us to upgrade to a newer model (ours is admittedly a bit of a dinosaur), or is there a rational explanation as to why the Ring and its chime are no longer communicating?

Hi @TomBradley. You will first want to try and reconnect your Doorbell to your wifi and then test it to see if it rings your chime. If it does not ring your chime, you should make sure there is still power on the wires going to the Doorbell. You can test the wires with a voltmeter or short the wires to see if they will ring your chime. If you are not comfortable with live wires, I recommend consulting with a qualified electrician for help. Let me know how this goes.