My ring doorbell rings when there is no one there

My doorbell rings and picks up motion when there is no one actually there.

Hi @ninety10. What model of Doorbell do you have? You may need to adjust the Motion Zones and motion sensitivity you have set in the Ring App to ensure it is optimized for your home. You can learn more about how the motion detection in our devices works in our Help Center Article here. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe this is a motion setting issue.

I have attached a photo of the doorbell and a photo of the event history that shows multiple ring events but no one was actually there.

Any ideas why this might occur?

@ninety10 Thanks for sharing those screenshots! I’d suggest taking your Doorbell through a full reset and new setup to see if that corrects this concern. To reset the Doorbell, you’ll want to hold down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. Once that’s done, take the Doorbell through a new setup in the Ring App by following the steps under Set Up a Device. Let me know if these steps help with this concern. :slight_smile: