My ring doorbell is on solar charging and says it is charging ut keeps losing char dyays.

My ring doorbell says it is solar charging but every 2 days I am getting a message to charge it. I live in the south of France and have adequate sunshine and luminosity. Why is this happening? My solar charger is a replacement and less than a year old. My bell is first generation and +/- 3 years old

Hi @Mikey2. Having a Solar Charger for your Doorbell will provide a trickle charge to help keep the battery topped off. If your Doorbell is experiencing a large number of motions, dings, and Live Views, the battery can be drained more quickly than it is charging via the trickle charge from the Solar Panel. Approximately how many events does your Doorbell receive each day?

Motion detection is off and max is 3 events per day. Really annoying as murphy’s law means every time I take it off to charge someone calls.