My ring doorbell is hardwired but showing a low battery why?

I guess I’ll join this thread. I just bought the Ring Doorbell 3 - hooked it up this morning via hardwire with a fully charged battery at 100% currently. In the Ring app it only states ‘Battery Power’…not showing any signs that it is hardwired. I don’t expect to see a “lightening bolt” on the battery since it is fully charged right now - but I would at least think I would see Hardwired under Device Settings but I do not.

I tested the voltage on my existing doorbell transformer- getting 19 Volts and it is a 20VA transformer. I’m hoping that when the Ring battery falls below 90% that the trickle-charge will kick in and then I’ll see Hardwired under Device Settings with a lightening bolt over the battery icon…?

I did hear when I first set up the Ring doorbell this morning the voice said “Please wait - performing firmware update”…maybe this is the firmware update that broke the trickle charge…?

Add me to the list of people with this issue. Doorbell 2 purchased 2019. Never any issues until recently. Draining and not charging even though the status shows hardwired. Just started recently after a firmware update. Calling support today.

I have the same problem, my ring should be trickle charging and it did until recently. Now it drains and shows “solar”. That’s of course not the case. Something broke…this thread looks like an endless list of people with the same problem, does Ring ever help here and provide a response, or better even, a solution?

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Same here with my video doorbell 3. I called tech-support and they actually told me that the battery does need to be charged. I argued with the guy that there was always a trickle charge but he said that’s not the case. When I question him what the hardwire power connection would be for then he told me it was only for enhanced functions of the doorbell.

Same issue. Ring Doorbell2, owned since 2017 and hardwired…never once have I had to charge the battery or gotten a low battery notification. Until now (May 2021), it alerted me that battery was low, and is now dead.

Ring obviously did something or all of these people wouldn’t be having the exact same issue.


Same exact issue as everyone else here… Hardwired (Doorbell 2) for years without issue and now battery is 30%. I disabled Live View, alerts and other features (to help extend the time before I have to charge.)

@Tom_Ring can you give an update on this issue?

Clearly something new is going on (since around Feb/March of 2021). If there is a firmware issue, it’s best to acknowledge it officially and starting working with the community by providing transparent updates.

Regardless of the root cause, once the battery dies, no more firmware updates. There will be many customers who cease to be your customers because they will not know how to replace the battery or just not care enough.

Also found this and this talking about the same thing.


me too on my dorbell 3 - look’s like we ALL have the same problem. worked for years and stopped a couple of weeks ago (in case of a broken firmeware update?)

RING wake up and talk to your customers TRANSPARENT and stop publishing nonsese checklist!

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Is three a way to go back to a later firmware version to when it was still charging? Way is Ring ignoring this issue?

Just chiming in to say that I’ve also got the problem on my doorbell 3, and it just started failing a couple weeks ago

My Doorbell 2 is now charging! Either Ring fixed this issue, or the last firmware update is actually stopping the device from charging unless you use the official OEM Ring Transformer. I went through 2 24v 40va transformers working with the vendor Maxdot through Amazon and it would not charge using those. Once I bit the bullet and purchased the official Ring transformer, boom, it’s charging now! So either ring pushed a firmware update to fix the issue, or the last one ensured you can’t use anything but an oem transformer (or one rated EXACTLY the same).

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I have a Ring Doorbell 3 and until last week it was brilliant. Its been running for a year with no problem.

Its hard wired and never dropped below 98% battery.

Last week I checked the health to find it had 20% battery so I charged it and three days later it was down 45% So I ordered a new battery to rule out a dead cell and with the new battery the same issuè occurs.

No change to the config and the device shows that it is hard wired. I have metered the bell wire and get 18v AC.

I turned off all motion detection and recording and still the battery drains.

Any suggestions?

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My ring doorbell is hardwired but showing a low battery why?

If my theory is correct, it will only work now with 16v 30va.

My RingDoorbell 2 was also showing low battery even though hardwired. Started a few weeks ago. Removing the battery and charging showed the battery was good. So I reinstalled and same thing, battery was discharging. So I removed it again and wiped the battery contacts and the contacts in the doorbell itself with an alcohol wipe and since then it has been charging much better. So far so good. Ring app shows firmware is up to date, but I haven’t found how to see the actual firmware level nor turn off automatic updates.

My doorbell 3 Falls below 90% … display shows bolt to show its charging … battery continues to drain… can’t connect in real time… Ring offers no solution… looks like it’s time for a little negative word of mouth


Ring Video Doorbell 3 here. Had this less than a year and experiencing same issue. Worked flawlessly throughout a hot summer and cold winter. Now in more ideal spring conditions, it’s losing charge rather rapidly. Judging by the timing of everyone’s post, this is a software issue.

I see ring’s responses are basically non-responses. The problem that most of us are having appear to be systemic and are not user error especially for those who have been up and running a very long time. Ring should spend less money on advertising and more money fixing a product that they’ve broken with their many software “improvements”

Extremely disillusioned with the whole thing.



Same issue here, door bell 3 wired since 3 month and last week without any changes, battery started dropping and end of week doorbell was shutdown. Looks really like a new firmware battery drain.
@ring team, please do something !


Does everyone affected only have the basic support plan and Thus no extended warranty ?

I’m having the same issue. I have 3 Ring cams and a full Ring security system at my house. The silence and lame non-responses from Ring in this thread are really upsetting.

You have 50+ customers telling you that they are all suddenly experiencing the same strange issue (“ie. Why is my hardwired doorbell reporting a low battery?”) Most of these people have had their doorbells installed and functioning properly for years.

Ring responds by either lying to us (“No, no, you have to get a screwdriver out and uninstall these hardwired doorbells and charge them regularly via USB… it’s always been like this!” or they attempt a very sad dodge of the issue (“Hi there happy Ring users! Here are the installation instructions of your doorbell that was already installed 5 years ago! Thanks for using Ring!”).

RING - we need you to pass this along to someone on the tech side and tell them there is an actual issue that needs investigation. This is not the way to run a company, especially a company purporting to offer safety and security to its users.


I think it has to do with the Snapshot capture feature that was just installed… my battery is dead too… my settings were to take a picture every 14 minutes… going to charge, the turn that off to see what happens.