My ring doorbell disconnected itself from WiFi and now won't come back online

My video doorbell disconnected from my WiFi and won’t reconnect to enable it to come back online, after many attempts I chose to remove the device from my app and attempt to reconnect it from scratch! Now my doorbell won’t reconnect to my app nor will it connect to my WiFi, it is asking me to type the correct WiFi password in which is still the same password as previously and has not changed!
Any suggestions??
!I also have a security camera which is again connected to my WiFi and has no problems with that connection so it can’t be any relating problem with WiFi

I have had the same problems with doorbell pro.
I’m on my 3rd or 4th replacement because of the same problem disconnecting from Wi-Fi and never reconnecting again. And my doorbell pro is 10 ft away from Wi-Fi router, best signal out of all of them.
Every time they sent me a replacement, they all connected immediately and work fine and then same problem again within a year.
It’s obviously a problem with the devices.
Each one lasted under a year.
I’m on the $100 yearly plan which covers any problem with the devices and replacements at no charge.

That would be about right I’m sure mine is roughly a year old now, makes me wonder if it’s a reoccurring problem so people go out and buy new ones!

I pay for the plus package so it saves all my recording, downloads etc does that cover replacement? As ive looked into it but I can’t find anything that states it covers replacement after a year etc

Plus is the one I have also.
Tell them to send you a replacement and that you have already went through all the troubleshooting steps. They usually send a reconditioned one, mine works fine, for now.
It’ll probably be the Philippines your calling.
They were nice on the phone in the Philippines saying they want me to be happy. I said well please send me another one that actually works. And hopefully I won’t be speaking to you in eight months again. Lol
Don’t forget to send your old one back in the box with the return shipping label that comes in the replacement box or you will be charged for it.

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Excellent, thank you for your help :+1: much appreciated

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