My ring doorbell cam

My Ring doorbell does not record after midnight and that when most of the crimes in my area happen. Please provide step by step instructions to fix this ASAP because the person on the phone told me it’s not supposed to record after midnight and I must say his arrogance really ticked me off!

Hi @HomeSweetHome73. I apologize for any confusion, but there is not a certain time frame in which the Doorbell will not record unless you adjust it within the Modes settings. You can read more about the Modes feature in our Help Center Article here. Have you tried testing the Doorbell by triggering a test event after midnight? You can trigger a test event by pressing the button to see if it will register the button press and start recording.

Is there anyone who can actually help me? I see that there are numerous comments about this same issue and everyone is dancing around the problem instead of giving step by step instructions on how to fix it.

@HomeSweetHome73 I am happy to offer some helpful suggestions if you can give me a bit more information. Have you tried to test the Doorbell during the time frame that you’re saying it doesn’t record during? Such as walking in front of the Doorbell or ringing the button? There may not be any motion that is occurring during the time that you’re mentioning. That’s why I asked if you have tested it during this time to see if it’s working properly. :slight_smile: