My ring doorbell and chime wont connect to wifi during setup

My doorbell second generation and chime wont connect to my wifi duting setup! I had thdm set up and disconnected them from wifi then when i tried to connect them back they wouldnt work! I have deleted the devices from my app and reset them and they still wont connect to my wifi… can anyone help please?

Hi @Jamiemrfc. Which specific part of the setup is holding you up? What type of phone are you using, and what version of the Ring app is installed? Are there any special characters in your WiFi password? Try bringing them in the same room as your WiFi router for initial setup to see if that improves the connection.

Its a chime second generation and a ring doorbell second generation… i do the full setup and the phone connects to the doorbell then it says it cant connect to the internet…i dont have any special characters or anything like that…i had them setup before so dont know why they wont do it again…i have a samsung galaxy s21 ultra phone…the ring app is upto date aswell

Hi @Jamiemrfc, chiming in for Tom here. During the setup process, your phone will connect to the setup network on your Video Doorbell. At that point, your phone may tell you that you aren’t connected to the internet. After you complete the setup of the Doorbell, your phone will reconnect to your usual wifi network.

If you see an error message when you try to connect the Doorbell to your wifi network by entering the network name and password, there will usually be a specific light pattern displayed on the Doorbell to indicate what the problem is. I’d recommend verifying both the network name and password for your wifi network before attempting the setup process again. You can also review the troubleshooting steps here. If you’re unable to complete the setup process, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.