My Ring displays 14 hour time gap though I set up the region correctly

I did set up the time zone at South Korea, but the time zone on the Live streaming displays 14 hour time gap.
Looking at the photo attached, it is dark cause it is almost four in the morning. But the time zone says that it is 14:00 afternoon.

There is no way that I can set up the time specifically. Isn’t there any way that I can change the time zone manually? I think the whole system should be fixed.

Hi @user61546. You are not able to set the time zone manually. The Ring app will use the time zone for the location you have setup on your account. If you are using Ring in an unsupported region, these types of issues can happen. South Korea is not on our list of supported regions. I would keep an eye on the list to see if your region is added to it in the future.

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