My Ring Cameras are Chewing through 30-45 GB of data per day

I’ve had the doorbell and then a floodlight cam for over 3 years and data useage was minimal. I decided to dump Xfinity Home security and get Ring security instead. In addition to my original cams, I now have 5 indoor cams, 2 spotlight cams on the sides of my house, and 2 outdoor stickup cams on my patio. Accordingly, my per-day data usage has more than quadrupled since installing these cams, to the point now where I’m 150GB away from my monthly terabyte data cap. :-/ (f-ing Xfinity)

As such, I’ve lowered all of my motion sensitivity controls to their lowest settings, but this seems defeatist, as it doesn’t seem as though they’d be as sensative to anyone skulking about my property.

Any thoughts on how else I might reduce my bandwidth useage?

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I just took a look at the data usage on my network. In the last 24 hours my Ring 2 has only used 42 MB. My Ring Chime, on the other hand, has used 3.5 GB. Every 2-3 minutes it is sending ~5 MB and receiving ~5 MB. It’s a chime! What in the world does the Chime need to send and receive 5 MB every 2-3 minutes for?!? It’s the #6 device in usage and that’s with a teenager using 1.5 TB in the last 24 hours.