my ring 1st generation lose live view connection every time i get a motion alarm

Hi, I finally installed the ring that I have, i have an andriod S10e and installed the app. I can see the live view normally, so the wifi is connected and the app works, but everytime i get a motion alert and i want to see why [in case i have to modify the motion set up], the live view is gone. There is the option to reconnect, but it doesn’t work.
I have reset the app already

I have re-installed the door bell

Make sure it is connected to the 2.4 Wifi [i do have verizon with 5 Wifi too]

I test to ring the door bell and it works, i can go live view easily, it just happen after a motion alert, the live view is gone and cannot reconnect.

i also have the echo 5 and link my account to amazon and add the device and it works perfect from echo device but not in my android app.

what can i do?
I am planning to add another doorbell to the side door and camaras for outside and add the protect program, but i need this to work properly before i start spending more in the system.

i stand corrected, my echo 5 also doesnt open the live view after a motion alert.

i probably have something wrong set up that doesnt want to open the live view.

Hi @Hgutierrez same problem here. Did you fix it? How?