My phone app won't let me log in

Hi my ring app wasn’t working so i uninstall it and downloaded it again so when i wanted to log in to my account again it didn’t let me i put my email and password correctly then it sends me the verification code when i put it it says something went wrong and it won’t let me in i tried the app verification code and it’s the same thing but i can login to my account from a different phone so what can i do and by the way i have a Samsung galaxy s 20 ultra

Hi @user21364. As @SolarEclipse mentioned, be sure to disable any VPNs and check for any Android apps that may conflict with the Ring app. Additionally, make sure your phone’s operating system (OS) is fully updated, as an outdated OS can prevent the Ring app from working correctly. You can read more about mobile device compatibility with the Ring app in our Help Center article here.