My new Floodlight Wired Plus has deactivated itself!

My new Floodlight Wired Plus, after having worked very well for the past three weeks since I installed it, became “deactivated” by itself around midnight on the 19th December. Why would this happen? (The PIR/security lights are coming on and off as they should).

I have re-set the mains power to the unit and toggled my WIFI off and on, all to no avail. The Ring web pages tell me that “Deactivation” is a permanent action. Help!

Hi @Norvin1000. When you say “deactivated,” are you referring to the Camera going offline? If so, your Ring device is not connected to your WiFi, and you must reconnect it. If it fails to reconnect, reboot your Camera and then try again. To reboot it, you press and hold the setup button on the Camera for 20–25 seconds. Once you do get it back online, I would suggest verifying that it has a good signal strength, also known as RSSI. I hope this helps.

I have a similar issue, I am not sure what you mean by “deactivated”, but I had one of my flood light cams go offline on 12/27 at 4 am. No matter how many times I reset it, it will not come back online. It connects to the wifi since I can see it on my unifi system, but it will not go out to the internet.

Then, I had my second camera do the exact same thing on 12/28 at 3 am. SAME THING!

Ring is sending my replacements for both, but I hope this is not a trend.

So I figured out my issue…

Duplicate statically assigned IPs to other devices. Modified my DHCP settings and now everything is back up. Thanks for the sounding board