My location shows up miles from my house. When is the app updated to current maps?

Just built new home whose location does not show up yet on google maps - it does show on apple maps. The app has me at the post office 5-7 miles away. Am I able to drop a pin for my location or when does Ring update their map profile, assuming they use google - when it does will my address update as well?

Hey @DutchmanVB. Once you have your addressed registered with your local post office and you receive mail to the address, this is when you should see it as an available address to pick. Are you talking about how your location shows up in the Neighbors app? Please note that it will not show your exact location, but a close and general location. You will need to customize your neighborhood the Neighbor’s section of the Ring app > gear icon at the top right > Neighborhood Area, and you can customize it further from there! :slight_smile: