My "live" view zone does not alert movement to the app

I am new to Ring (2 days) I am using the battery operated unit. When I look at the Live view I can see my steps, most of my driveway and my car in the yard. If I walk to the mailbox and walk down the driveway, there is no alert until I am on the front porch about 5 feet away from the door. What am I doing wrong? Please advise. I even put the Motion Sensitivity to Max but nothing changes. Thank you in advance for any tips.

Hi @user63268. I would recommend the following steps for your concern:

  • Double check that your Doorbell is mounted at the recommended 4 feet from ground up.

  • If you have steps going up to your Doorbell it is recommended to install a Wedge Kit.

  • Check your Motion Zone to make sure it is covering the area you want.

  • Change your Motion Frequency to Frequent to see if it helps.

I hope these steps help.

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