My is not working

My ring is not finding my internet at and I have it close to my router but it’s not finding it never had a problem with my ring

Contact your internet provider. Make sure you are running at the same speed as before. Did you connect other devices which are using Wi-Fi?


It says I need to update bit don’t know how

Hi @user14351. Do you mean that your Ring Doorbell is performing a firmware update? Or does your router need to perform an update of some sort? If your Ring Doorbell is performing an update after setup, this should typically only take around 10 to 15 minutes. For any updates on your router, you’ll want to follow up with your internet service provider for assistance.

cause when I try setup my router internet doesn’t show up for the ring to connect to my own internet says ring need update but it shows everyone else internet

Hi @user14351. Try manually entering in your WiFi information during setup. If you are not able to do this, try connecting the Doorbell to a WiFi hotspot, then switching it to your home WiFi. Be sure that you don’t have any firewalls or security in place that could be preventing your Doorbell form joining your home network.