My Hard Wired Video Cam Lights Not Functioning

I have had my hard wired outdoor Ring video cam for quite a while and just experienced for the second time a problem with my lights not coming on at night when activated by motion. I remember what the Ring techs did the first time to fix it and now I contacted them and explained my plight and told them of my first experience and how it was solved. They walked me through exercises and then asked me to take a picture of my camera and mail it to them - did that - never had a reply. Yesterday I called again and was told to get on a ladder and push a reset button. OK - I am 86 years old - they really expect me to do this? They inquired if anyone in my household could do it or a neighbor and when I replied that I would have to hire a handyman to come over, the tech did a reset from their offices. This is what happened the first time but why do I have to go through all these telephone calls and explanations for something that could have been solved at the first call.
I also received 11 - yes, I said 11 emails last night with a Your Ring Community Support Code - all with the same number! This was after the problem had been solved.
Next time this happens and I am certain it will down the road - hopefully I will get a sympathetic soul who will help me right away!