My Floodlight Cam Light motion settings are no longer working.

I have a floodlight cam was set to turn on lights only when motion was detected (no light schedule). Been working fine for months and recently, it appears that the light comes on all the time once it is dark and stays lit the entire night. I can turn off the lights, but seconds later, they will just automatically turn back on again. This happens all night long and even sometimes during the day (I am guessing when the day was cloudly or rainy?) This light is outside a window and the lights being on is not wanted at night (for sleep reasons) unless there was motion. I can’t figure out any way to KEEP these lights off. I have checked and there is no light schedule, I have toyed around with the motion zones for lights (increasing and decreasing). The auto-shutoff time is set to 3 minutes, but nothing KEEPS these lights off. This camera is also not sensing motion (as no events are triggered). I have one other floodlight cam in a different part of the house and it behaves perfectly.

Hi @alex3m3ti8. There are a few things you can do to see if your Floodlight Cam lights will respond like they should. First, try resetting your Floodlight Cam by pressing and holding the setup button on top of the camera for 20 seconds, then releasing. Give the camera about a minute to reboot. After that, shut the power off to the camera for 3 minutes, then turn power back on. Lastly, you’ll need to reconnect the Floodlight Camera to wifi.

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