My doorbell2 drops connection to Xfinity Wifi Gateway router

I got my ring doorbell2 in December and so far my experience has not been good.

Besides its battery issue (last about 3 weeks after a charge, reported to Ring already), the doorbell keeps dropping connection to my Wifi router. After each setup (it is a pain to open the cover each time in the middle of winter), the connection can last from somewhere 2-3 days to a week.

I have configured my router to assign a static IP to the doorbell and drop firewall setting to the lower level. But the doorbell is still disconnected after a while.

I have Xfinity internet at home with its Wifi Gateway router.

Anyone experiences the same and knows how to resolve the issue?


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Hi @LHC. When you dropped your firewall settings to the lower level, did you also check what ports you had open? Please check out our Ring Help Center Article here to verify that all the ports that are needed for the Doorbell are open, as they may be causing this concern. Additionally, you may want to look at your RSSI, which you can learn more about in our Community post here. Sometimes your RSSI could be the root cause for any connection dropping.