My door has a one inch lip and I would have to install Ring (2020 release) next to the lip. Will it still work properly?

So my front door has a lip that causes the door to stick out 1", and the lip itself is only a few inches wide (Too small to mount Ring on it), so I’ll have to install it off to the side of the door - will this lip be a problem for recording video? I looked at wedges, but they all seem to be for angling the doorbell down rather than to the side.

My concern is that it’ll always be in frame and block the view a bit.

Hi there, @JCing! Before mounting, try setting up the Doorbell and holding it in the desired area by hand while watching a live view from the Ring app. This can help you position or confirm if anything will obstruct the field of view. Great call on checking out mounting accessories. Rather than the Wedge kit, which does indeed only point down/ up, the Corner kit may be more suitable. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you, that’s a good idea.

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