My door bell doesn’t ring after I connected wire to the ring camera doorbell

My existing doesn’t ring after I connected the ring door bell Camera , my exiting doorbell is nutone BK110NBWH-1 , I connected the wire to the ring camera door bell now, Like when I press the bottom only the ring doorbell ring , there no Sound inside of the house! Anyone can help me , what is going on here?

Hi there, @viola85621! Depending on the model of Video Doorbell you have there may be components required in wiring. A Doorbell Wired or a Doorbell Pro would include additional wiring parts, however, a battery-powered Video Doorbell model will not and should work as intended. I recommend checking the breaker for this chime kit, flipping it off, then back on to see if it was tripped or turned off during installation. Feel free to also confirm if your chime kit is compatible based on our chime compatibility list. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: