My Car was Stolen while parked in the area of my Ring Doorbell.

My Car was stolen while parked in the area covered by my Ring Doorbell and the Ring Doobell did not capture the theft. The car is last seen on the Ring Doorbell at on 11/29/2019 at 1935 hours. The Ring Doorbell System failed to record the theft with the same lighting that was on at 1935 hours. The theft was discoverd at 0603 hours on 11/30/2019.

You do realize it was just a doorbell?

Sorry to hear about tthe stolen car. Unbelievable that the Ring Doorbell didn’t record a thing.

There are a couple of “features” of the Ring Doorbell that probably caused Ring to miss this crime:

  1. The Ring Doorbell recognizes “motion” only if it persists for some minimum duration. This is to prevent spurious motions (like from birds, squirrels, leaves, etc) from triggering too many false alarms. If a thief is quick enough, Ring won’t even make a recording.

  2. The Ring Doorbell sometimes starts a recording only after a delay. There is no reason for this, it shouldn’t happen, but it absolutely does, albeit intermittently. Poor connectivity and less than mid-day sunshine will make the problem worse. If a thief can operate in low light, Ring will give him extra time before starting a recording.

The Ring doorbell is not really a security camera.

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