My camera wont connect to wifi nd customer support cant help

My old stick cam quit working, was sent a replacement. It will only connect to a hotspot and not my home wifi. I have called customer support multiple times but they have been useless. My wifi works great, i even got a new router under the advice of a ring agent. This solved nothing other than me me spending $300.00 and having faster internet. Any advice please help

Hi @user79432. Which model of Stick Up Cam do you have specifically? You can find the model name on the original packaging, or on the back of the camera itself. Is your wifi router dual-band (offering both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections)? If so, do both bands share the same network name and password? Which wifi channel is in use?

Given that your Stick Up Cam connected to a hotspot, the issue is likely due to your router settings or configuration. This information will help us pinpoint what needs to be changed to resolve the issue.