My Audio played on my doorbell all by itself!

Early this morning I let my dog out and called to him when he walked by. About 30 seconds later I hear the doorbell play my audio of me calling my dog. My phone was upstairs and the app was not open. The file is now highlighted in orange and you can hear me call our dog from it playing the audio. I think this is a security problem but after 33 minutes of being on the phone the support person told me that my system is working fine. I am waiting to hear from the advanced technical team. Has this happened to anyone?

Hello @edlisakim , I am sorry to hear about your experience but glad our Ring Customer Service team is there to help. At Ring, privacy and security is of the utmost importance to us, which is why I would also like to share some information with you about the Control Panel in your Ring app. This is a great location to personalize your security settings. Thank you!