My alarm went off while on vacation, there was no intrusion, why?

My alarm sounded while away and there was no intrusion, I’m in an apartment building with a doorbell camera. It was somewhat troubling, even though I could turn it off and reset it I was wondering if this has happened to others? There was no motion either, just notification my alarm was sounding, thanks.

Did you check your alarm history to see if it logged exactly what triggered it?

It happened to me a few weeks ago. It turns out that the motion sensor triggered. Not sure what triggered it because it was facing the wall and no one was home or touched it… Very stressful for me and my contacts…

I reduced the sensitivity and have not had time to research it further. I did call the support line, but nowadays, they don’t really have much in the way of diagnostic ability unless you can get it as escalated a couple levels up to development or some technical dept…

Thanks for the response, it says motion detected and then stopped detecting motion at the same time as the alarm went off. It also shows a linked event on my door cam where i can hear the alarm but I can see it was never opened.

I do have motion set to high but I never had an issue before, I guess I should lower the sensitivity as it’s set to high. There are no pets and the apartment was empty so just a strange experience.



Interesting. Mine was set to high as well. Backed down to medium for now.

I went back and checked my log again.The motion sensor triggered; alarm triggered; ~3 min later, the Motion sensor recorded that it stopped detecting motion.

Of course this makes no sense at all because no one was at home, and it was facing a wall. Even if it was a bug, I find it hard to believe that a bug would be hanging out on the motion sensor and triggering it for 3 minutes.

I guess we just keep an eye on it. If it happens again, it would be helpful if we both replied to your post to keep a running record. Hopefully other people will reply if they have the same issues. Ring won’t do anything about it unless they get a “material” number of reports.

Thanks for posting about your sensor malfunction!

I thought it might just be me. For me, Ring has been more buggy than usual for the last few weeks/months. I’ve posted about some of them on Ring Community and called Ring Support and asked them to log and escalate. But they said that they usually need a lot of peoplw to call in and complain about similar issues before it gets addressed.

I also wasn’t seeing postings on Ring Community that seemed to indicate that others were reporting similar issues. Unfortunately, people haven’t been posting issues like they used to (myself included).

With today’s Ring’s reported multilple system failures, I can’t help but wonder if it’s part of systemic issues that have been building up…