My alarm trial period ended in 10 days. What the?

Ring turned my protect plan on 10 days after I BOUGHT the system. I haven’t finished installation or been able to test the keypad. I found out after I installed another motion sensor today - and got an email that my trial period had STARTED! I had a ring doorbell already, but still - ???

First - why 10 days; second, why another trial (and is it valid?). I am afraid emergency services will show up if I test anything and I’ll be fined (I just received the invoice for a permit today).

Chat has been worthless - nobody but robots, even during business hours.

Anybody have a clue what’s up???

Once you setup, subscribe, and register your Ring Alarm Base Station to your Ring account, this will initiate a 7 day practice mode. If the 7 days has gone past and you need more practice time, you can switch between Professional and Self-Monitoring modes as you please. Check out the guide below for steps on switching these modes, and more tips! :slight_smile: