My Alarm stopped when I purchased the Video Support.

I’ve had my Ring Floodlight for about 6 months. I loved it when I could see the video so we just recently added that support. The moment this video support was added, my phone stopped giving me the alarm notification when something went into my Motion Zone area. I have tried everything except for uninstalling the ring app because I cannot find that code to re-install it. I changed my notification settings on my phone, added a new motion zone, I just don’t know what to do. I have a dog and every time she got in the zone, she would hear the alarm on my phone and come back to me. Now my alarm does not go off. It goes off on my wife’s phone but she is not always with me. UGH! Has anyone else had this problem?

Just uninstall the app, reboot your phone and reinstall the app. You can find the app in the play store for Android or the app store for iPhone. No codes needed. You will get a code by email or text to sign in. That’s the only code and it changes constantly.