My 2nd generation ring doorbell is stuck

I can’t get it off in order to set it up with my wifi as well as the "Solar power " I purchased. I am in desperate need of HELP! If this issue is not resolved effectively and efficiently; I will have no other choice but to try for a tech-support &/or a refund.

Does the ring community have any sort of technical team that comes out when their products are not up to par?

Just call customer service.

No tech team here. This is a peer to peer support forum. You can try going into detail as to what the exact problem is and what you have tried so far. Maybe we have an answer. But customer service is where the troubleshooting happens…

The mount pivots at the top. Hold your Ring doorbell in one hand near the bottom, and grab the sides of the mount at the bottom and pull apart. If you are unsuccessful, you can use a spudger at the bottom to separate the two.