Muting/Unmuting notifications on multiple (but not all) Ring Cameras

Hi all,

I have 8 Ring devices at home and have muted notifications from 6 of these at scheduled times during the day (done by setting Motion Schedules for them individually).

However, the problem is that sometimes I am out of the house at times when these 6 devices have their notifications scheduled to be muted. I would like a quick & easy way to unmute notifications for all 6 devices when I am out, but without the inconvenience of having to go into the settings for each individual device every time I want to leave the house! Ideally I would also have a Geofence-type reminder every time I leave the house to remind me to unmute them.

Does anyone know if this is possible please? Even if I need to use another app (e.g. Alexa) to do so?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Daveston. You can try using the Modes feature for the camera. This can mute certain cameras based on what Mode you are on. You can learn more about Modes here.

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