Mute Notifications in disarmed mode but turn on in other modes


I want to mute all motion detection notifications to my iPhone in “disarmed” mode but have them turned back on in “home/armed” mode. I followed the advice in:

To mute notifications while in Disarmed Mode, open the Ring app and follow these steps- Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Contact Sensor and toggle off Open Alerts and Closed Alerts. This will disable the notifications and can also be done with your Motion Detectors.

But if I flip the alarm to “home” or “armed” I can see the motion detection options are still off so presumably these will not trigger if someone breaks in, which isn’t what I want…


Hi @user42484. At this time, you cannot control push notifications via the Modes settings. You can control whether or not the chirps play from Motion Detectors and Contact Sensors depending on the Mode, but not notifications. Feel free to add your feedback to this request from our Feature Request board. We use the Feature Request board as a way to gather and share new ideas and suggestions with our teams.

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