Multiple zones, multiple functions?

New to Ring, but there are some features I was hoping I could do. I know how to do the multiple motion zones, but can you set up different functions for each zone? For example, I would have one zone that covers the street, and one closer to the house. I would want to record the street, but record and notify me closer to the house. Is that possible?

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Good question @CHring! This is not a current feature. While motion zones can be altered and fine-tuned, depending on the device model, these zones always work in unison rather than with separate options.

Consider this shared with the team for consideration! Feel free to share any more feature requests, in our Feature Request threads. :slight_smile:

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I would also like this function. I think it is important in townhouse situations and in situations where the house is not set back very far from the street.

So overlaying zones with an outer distance that is record-only and an inner distance that is record+alert, and different alerts for different distances; and same with angles/sectors.

This would be especially helpful for crime/security, a major selling point for Ring. That is, record happenings near the house, but only send you an alert for things happening at your house.

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Ditto - Would love to have the ability to setup different notification rules for each of multiple zones.

Agree, this would be a VERY useful feature. Without it, what is the point of being able to set up multiple motion zones? I can’t figure out any reason you would want to do that if you can’t set them up to react differently?!