Multiple Steps to Answer?

Hi Everyone - Hope you’re all well and safe!

I’m not happy anymore with my doorbell :frowning: I probably got one of the first ones that came out several years ago and it was real easy to use the app at that time. When the doorbell rang and I tapped the app, it brought up 1 screen to tap and get me to the front door and as soon as that opened, I could tap the microphone to talk right away and VOILA!

Now this has gotten way too complicated! The doorbell rings, I tap the app, then I have to tap LIVE VIEW, then another tap for the microphone and then a 3rd tap for the speaker.

So is it the old model I have or is this has to be done on all models - New and Old? If this is what all of them do, then I think I need to look for another company that won’t make me jump through so many hoops.

I guess that sums up what I need and hope someone here can help?

Thanks, in advance, and I look forward to your replies.


Hi @BrooklynBabe. This Help Center article here has information on how to use the Live View. If you are answering a Motion Event or Doorbell Ring, you can press the Green Button to use 2 way talk!

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Hi Tom:

Hope you and your family are well and safe and thank you for your reply.

However, this really doesn’t really doesn’t help because there are still at least 3 steps I have to tap into before I can connect with whoever is at my door and by the time I get to open the mike, they’ve left :unamused:

For example - someone rings my bell -

Step 1 - I tap the ring app on my phone.
Step 2 - I then have to tap the Live View
Another Step 3 - I tap the microphone to finally talk

And that’s what I am frustrated with. When I first purchased my doorbell (probably one of the first ones out at the time), as soon as I tapped the app on my phone I IMMEDIATELY saw who was there and all I had to do was tap the microphone and now there are 3 hoops to jump through when it used to be easier.

So if there’s an update coming that will work like it did in the very beginning, that would be great, otherwise I think I will look at other companies’ doorbells :blush:

Hi @BrooklynBabe, happy to chime in here for Tom. You should be able to tap on the motion or ding push notification on your phone to access the Live View, and then tap the green microphone button to utilize the two-way audio. It’s about 1 step shorter than what you’re detailing where you open the Ring App separately and then tap the Live View. With that said, we appreciate your feedback and we’ll be sure to pass it onto the appropriate teams. :slight_smile: