Multiple Ring Alarms on One Alexa Account?

I just installed a Ring Alarm for my mother in law’s house and want to install a second one at my home (where I also have two Ring flood cams and a Ring doorbell). As she is elderly we currently have a single Alexa account for all of our Echo devices in both homes so that I can manage her Echo devices for her. By having both Rings in one Alexa account, it would also allow us to check the status of both alarms in one Alexa account, which is valuable to us.

Is there a way to name her Ring Alarm differently from ours so that we can say, “Alexa, Arm Mary’s Alarm” vs “Alexa, Arm Davids Alarm” so it knows which alarm to set?

Hi @ Dan-F! You can edit the names through the Alexa app, and here’s how:

  • Open your Amazon Alexa app and click devices at the bottom right
  • Under devices, locate the Ring device that has a shield icon with a check in it and it will say “Location Name” Ring
  • Once you’ve selected that, you will get to a “profile” that says Settings at the top for your Alarm at that location
  • Next to that same name, you will see “Edit Name.”

Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

Thanks Chelsea. And by doing that can I then name which alarm to arm/disarm?

And, how will it work with Alexa’s Guard function?

@Dan-F Yes by naming them you will then be able to say “Alexa arm my ___ Ring,” and she will know what you’re referencing as you will be giving her that name, after you’ve changed it.

For more information on arming and disarming with Alexa, visit our help article here.
For more information on Alexa Guard, visit our help article here.

If you have any other concerns or encounter a roadblock during the process through the Alexa app, please reach out to Amazon Alexa Support!

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