Multiple Ring Alarm account site issues

I manage quite a few different sites that I have put Ring Alarm systems in. I manage them from one account, but with separate bases/sites. I have noticed quite a few times now, that the “sites” on the app will pull up the wrong equipment (from a different site) and has caused a lot of confusion. Example: In the app, I will tap on “home” site, and it will say “office door sensor tampered” which is on an entirely different site/alarm base. If I tap on the alarm equipment tab for the “home” site, it will show me the equipment for the “office” site. I have to go change sites in the app a few times, then eventually the equipment matches up to the proper site. It’s like the ring app is having trouble separating and organizing the equipment to the proper locations. I even got an “Home” ring is alarming notification a few back, only to find it was the “office” alarm that was activated…
Has anyone else had this problem? I noticed it a few months back and just assumed it was a bug that would be worked out soon, but it has not. Unless you have multiple alarm bases/sites, you probably wouldn’t notice this issue.

Hi @user72925. I would suggest adding a layer of organization to this multiple-site setup. For your first site, add “1” to the end or beginning of the names. Then add “2” for the second, etc. This way, when they appear in the Ring app as tampered, you’ll be able to identify the site with the number in the name. I hope this helps.