Multiple phones setup to control a Schlage Encore lock through a Ring app

Can multiple phones be set up to control a Schlage Encore lock through a Ring app?

I’m having trouble getting multiple mobile phones set up to control my Schlage Encode lock from the Ring App. It seems the problem occurs in the Amazon Key part of the setup process where it is trying to add a Schlage Encode lock to the Amazon key account. Each phone has its own Ring account, Amazon Key account, and Schlage account. One phone is working but I can’t get the second one to complete.

The Schlage lock has been set up on my Schlage Admin account. The other two phones have been given guest full rights access. All phones have been confirmed to be able to control the lock from the Schlage account.

The ring app has also been installed on the mobile phones and each one is working fine. The problem seems to be assigning the Schlage Encode lock to a non-admin Schlage account.

Any advice or suggestions?