Multiple Notifications for the Same Event

Same issue here. Lots of notifications for the same event on Watch. So annoying.

Been having similar issues, two notifications for every incident. After several experimentations, have narrowed down to the following: In the Ring App, go to Device Settings > Notification Settings > Rich Notifications. Turn it off. When turned on, you would receive a regular notification followed by a snapshot notification. This worked for me. Hope it helps.

The issue isn’t a second rich notification to accompany the original. It’s when you receive four regular notifications, even with rich notifications turned off

Just starting getting the multiple notifications on my Apple watch after upgrading from a iphone 6 to a iphone 12 and watch os 7.3.
I see the “official” response from Ring is they don’t support the watch. I think this is a TOTALLY BS response. Just washing their hands of a problem by just saying they don’t support it!

I’m tempted to scrap my entire Ring system and go with something HomeKit based. Paying a subscription for this rubbish level support.
It’s especially annoying when I answer the door with headphones on, and I’m getting constant audio notifications in my ear while talking to people. Well trying to talk to them as I rip my earpieces out in frustration