Multiple Notifications for the Same Event

Same issue here. Lots of notifications for the same event on Watch. So annoying.


Been having similar issues, two notifications for every incident. After several experimentations, have narrowed down to the following: In the Ring App, go to Device Settings > Notification Settings > Rich Notifications. Turn it off. When turned on, you would receive a regular notification followed by a snapshot notification. This worked for me. Hope it helps.

The issue isn’t a second rich notification to accompany the original. It’s when you receive four regular notifications, even with rich notifications turned off

Just starting getting the multiple notifications on my Apple watch after upgrading from a iphone 6 to a iphone 12 and watch os 7.3.
I see the “official” response from Ring is they don’t support the watch. I think this is a TOTALLY BS response. Just washing their hands of a problem by just saying they don’t support it!

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I’m tempted to scrap my entire Ring system and go with something HomeKit based. Paying a subscription for this rubbish level support.
It’s especially annoying when I answer the door with headphones on, and I’m getting constant audio notifications in my ear while talking to people. Well trying to talk to them as I rip my earpieces out in frustration

same issue. I usually get two push/rich notifications each time motion is detected. it’s super annoying. on top of that, like others have mentioned, I get unwanted motion alerts from motion outside of my set motion zone. so every single car that passes by triggers two notifications on my iphone 12 mini as well as 3 alerts on my apple watch. the multiple notifications wouldn’t bother me as much if the ring would stop notifying me of motion OUTSIDE of my set motion zone. that’s really the worst part. i’ve tried troubleshooting over the phone with ring support but the problem persists. need a solution or will have to consider switching out the whole system. the constant unwarranted motion alerts have me worn down to the point that i just disregard them all together. “boy who cried wolf” if you will. so what’s the point of the ring doorbell if it’s constantly giving me false alerts that i now ignore?

It’s pretty clear Ring has no intention of fixing this issue. My assumption is that it doesn’t affect enough people for them to bother fixing it, therefore they will just throw those users under the bus and figure it’s cheaper to lose them as customers than to fix the issue. This has been open for almost a year now and there’s no sign of Ring wanting to fix the issue.

I’m glad I only have the doorbell and no other products so it’s not going to be a drama switching to a competitor. The Ring doorbell was a Christmas present years ago and it was useful for a few years but it seems some sort of update has crippled the product so when I’ve got a bit of cash handy I’ll be making the upgrade.

At this point Ring support has shown they don’t care or act in a timely manner, so even if the bug were fixed at this point I still would not touch any of their new products as there’s no guarantee they won’t break those products in future either.

Vote with your wallet and look elsewhere.

I find it both sad and disappointing that I came to this looking for the supposed “solution” as well and there are 147 comments about the issue!! That’s insane. Come on guys, this is a big software problem. I too receive at least 4-6 notifications for the same motion event for both of my ring 2’s. I have an ios 11 device, and I have also tried to remedy the issue according to the advice of the “support team.” nothing has worked, and frankly, I think we all deserve better. I hope y’all can fix it soon, and please add me to the list as well.

I’m trying this. I’ll let you know how it goes!

I’ve had the doorbell for at least a year now with no real issues and now this has suddenly started happening. I’ve changed nothing to trigger it so I can only imagine it is a fault with the hardware or a new firmware update has triggered a change.
Removing the battery and replacing it stopped it for a few hours but the problem soon returned. The product as it stands is unusable.

I’m disgusted to see from the comments on here just how long this issue has existed and no fix appears to be available.

Sad support on this issue. My only solution is to turn off watch notifications for Ring.

I was just about to type that this issue doesn’t appear to be happening anymore. While I had this post open, a courier dropped off a package at the door and I got four freaking notifications on my phone at that time. What. The. Hell

This problem started a few days ago. We have the same problem. Recently, we changed some settings, and updated our sensitivity and motion controls, and it seemed to have triggered double notifications for one motion event. It was coming through our Rapid Ring, so we disabled that and turned on notifications through Ring. But we still receive double notifications for each event.

I was struggling with this for a LONG time. Multiple notifications for every alert. I DID NOT have advanced motion detection enabled, however by enabling it and then disabling it on each of my ring devices, that stopped the multiple alerts. :slight_smile:

I do hope this fixes you guys!

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Having the same issue with multiple notifications. I get two motion notifications on my iphone. I have the Ring Doorbell 2 from Costco.

Same issue here, very annoying!!!

i have rich notifications off and i get 3 notifications back to back for 1 event. this is driving me crazy and has been going on for months. i cant believe this has not been fixed by now. this thread will be a year old in 2 months

Exact same issue. 4 Notifications each time.

Add me to the list as well. 3 notifications every time motion is detected.

Just upgraded from the Ring 2 to the Ring 4 and have not had any issues for the past week. It was, as I suspected, the device. This is a problem that can only be fixed with a firmware upgrade to the Ring 2, or throw it in the bin