Multiple new Ring Doorbell Wired

I just bought 2 of the new Ring Doorbell Wired and can’t find any information on installing both of them. I currently have 2 doorbells wired to one chime and one transformer. Installation of one is easy enough, but to install 2, should I use the jumper wire across the ‘trans’ and ‘rear’ terminals (in addition to the one across ‘trans’ and ‘front’ of the 1st Wired) on my chime to install the 2nd Ring Doorbell Wired?

Hi @Sprockle. You can find an installation guide for the Doorbell Wired in our Help Center Article here. For any advanced wiring outside of that, it may be best to contact a licensed electrician or consult with our support team for further guidance. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please see here to see how to contact support

Same question. Tried the support team call number as suggested but all they would say was follow the instructions. Right off the bat that doesn’t work cause my priorty was installing a rear doorbell/camera first. I installed the first one at backdoor and used rear and trans terminals for it to work correctly and it works with the new ring chime as well. Works great. Old doorbell still mounted out front and works the old mech chime. Would like to install second wired ring doorbell out front now but not sure on second jumper being safe to jump front-trans-rear all together.

Hi @M151Mutt. If you are installing a Doorbell Wired for both the Front and Back, you will need to install the jumper on the Front-Trans and Rear-Trans. This essentially is 2 separate circuits and they each need their own jumper. I hope this information is helpful.

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Hey all, just wanted to confirm;

I’ve just finished installing my second Ring Doorbell Wired to the same chime with a single 16v transformer. Having a jumper between Back<->Trans and Front<->Trans seems to work fine.

I can access both cameras in live view from the app, so they’re both online. No idea if my voltage is ideal for 2 or anything, just confirming that it is working.


@Tom_Ring @Sprockle Thanks for this answer! I posted this same question and then found this thread. Exactly what I needed to know. Basically wanted to confirm you could use a second jumper on Trans/Rear in addition to the existing jumper on trans/Front in the same mechanical chime box. Tx again!


Thanks for the confirmation! I had purchased one Ring to test and now purchased another one for my other door and was wondering about the wiring.

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