Multiple modes for ring alarm or stop countdown chime only

I have a cat and despite lowering the motion sensor sensitivity she still sets the alarm off (not great as I thought this wouldn’t be an issue). I have disabled 2 motion sensors in the part of the home she frequents when we are out or in bed for home mode. This is ok when we are at home but occasionally I want to use this mode when I got for a run and don’t take my phone. As a result, I have had to put an exit delay so I can arm it from the keypad, as I leave. This also means when I get in bed at night there is a countdown to arming which is annnoying.

Is there a way to stop the chiming just for arming home mode? It would be useful if you could configure more than 2 modes but I guess this will be an issue given the keypad only accommodates 2 modes.

Great question, @McLovin! As it sounds like you want to mute the Entry/ Exit Delay countdown audio, this can be done in the Ring app settings for your Base Station. From the Ring app dashboard, open the Menu, select Devices, select Alarm, and choose your Base Station. From the Base Station page you will see Audio Settings, which will allow you to lower the volume. This can also be done for the Keypad.

At this time, the volume control is a setting rather than a mode option, however, Chirps can certainly be enabled/ disabled per mode. From the Ring app dashboard, open the Menu, select settings, and visit the Modes options. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: