Multiple Locations

Hi there if you have two homes each with its own base station and signed in on the same account will both arm if only one is armed?
Thankyou Andrew

Hey @Armstrongandrew. Since there can only be one Base Station per location, you will also have the two locations on your Ring app, both with the dashboard for each location controlling said location you see it on. Therefore, if you arm your System A, it will not do anything to System B, and vice versa. If you need to arm both systems, you will need to manually arm them after toggling in between locations.

I have sheds about 250 metres up the drive. I don’t have power along the drive so I cannot daisy chain extenders. The Ethernet/WiFi network covers both house and sheds. Can I add a 2nd base station to protect the sheds?

Hi @helipaddy, happy to chime in here. We don’t recommend having multiple Base Stations at one location, as you’ll need to set up separate locations in the Ring App and pay for multiple Ring Protect Plus plans if you want the Professional Monitoring. You would need a solid wifi connection at the shed in order to set up a second Base Station there, but we do not advise doing so.

So I think what you are saying is that I can set up another base station since my WiFi does extend via Ethernet to the outbuildings

I assume I just make up any address as long as it is different to the house - the address doesn’t seem to be important.

Ring don’t define “location” very clearly nor do they provide any resolution for the situation where there are two locations with the same address