Multiple live view videos

Our stickup cam and doorbell are generating many Live View videos without our using Live View. This started week or two ago. I’ve looked for similar problems and solutions but haven’t found anything.

Hi @Fjw. By any chance, do you have your Stick Up Cam connected to any other device on your Ring account through Linked Devices? If you have the devices linked to record when another records, this could be why you have multiple events. Regardless, I recommend to reach out to our support team here so they can take a deeper look into this for you!

I have a video doorbell 2 and two stick up cameras. None of them are linked, and we are not connected to neighbors. And I am referring to unwanted Live View videos (not motion event videos) that seem to happen at random.

@Fjw Could you reach out to our support team here for them to take a deeper look into this?

A little off topic I have just bought one cam I think it’s OK bar the 2sec delay but if I bought another could I view them both in live view at the same time?