Multiple Keypads

Amazon sells a large kit with two keypads. I want to have two seperate spaces. I want the first keypad to arm/disarm one area without affecting the second area. The second keypad would arm/disarm the second area without affecting the first area. Is this possible with one base station, or do I have to have to seperate base stations?

Good question. But you would need 2 separate base stations as they are the main brain of the system. The keypads are just add-ons to it.

So, there is no way to setup spaces with different codes on the keypad?

If not, then if I buy two kits (i.e. two base stations), then this may still not work because I read that each “location” needs a different address. Both spaces are at the same address. =(

When I go to add my address again in the app, it comes back to a page where I can say the first floor and it doesn’t stop me. So it may be possible if you use the 2nd street information box. I would definitely call Ring first to verify this will work. But people do live in apartment buildings with the same address with different room numbers… If you call post back with there answer, I’m curious now.

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I would contact Ring Support and tell them what you want to do. They can tell you how to make it work, regardless of whether it requires two base stations or not. I would suspect it would require two, but I have not tried what you are asking to do.