Multiple homes, with multiple cameras and shared access

Greetings to all.

I want to share my experience with the shared access feature of the ring stick up cameras.

I love my ring devices so much that I have them installed in my home, vacation home and office. In total I must have 30 stick up cameras installed.

Depending on the situation and the camera location I have shared the access of some of the cameras with family members and employees.

While recently checking the shared access of my devices I discovered that one camera from my house had its access shared with somebody I did not authorize for that specific camera.

After analyzing the situation to figure out how some thing like that could happen, I remember that I had switched a malfunctioning camera from my office with a camera in my home to verify it the problem was the camera of something with the wifi. Turns out that flipping the cameras solved the issue.

As it turns out I changed the Wi-Fi setup on both cameras, and the names and location of the devices.

What I did not change was the shared access feature on the devices. This last detail proved to be the answer as to why someone who was not authorized to have access to a camera in my home gained access to it.

As I learned changing a Camera from one location to another under the same account, changing the Wi-Fi and the name of the device doesnt Automatically trigger any changes in the Shared access feature for that particular device.

For example, in my case my office parking camera became my Family Room camera at home, and you can imagine the rest. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hi @2e7f8308b7b3fd5c823f0f97c25b25. Great callout on this information. Shared Users are granted permission to a device, even if the device moves its Location. This Help Center article here has some more information about Shared Users.

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