Multiple functions does not work - Doorbell 3 Plus

Over the past two weeks I have received extensive amount of false alerts and also situations when the camera failed to capture video when there are people really walks around my front door. Functions that are not functioning are: Pre-roll, People Only Mode and Motion Zones.

Pre-roll, it worked only for the first few days after installation. The Pre-Roll function is enabled under the Video Setting, and this has never been changed. For no reason it just stopped working, and I have no clue what was the cause.

People Only Mode, I have not yet noticed a significant difference when turning this function on/off. As you can see from the video attached, the camera is still catching false alerts for a vehicle passing by (which is far out of the Motion Zone too!) Furthermore, when postman deliver mails, the camera demonstrated a significantly amount of delay in responds to the presence of that post man, which is also shown in the other video attached. The video did not start recording until the postman has walked away.

Motion Zones, for the same issues described in the paragraph above, I do not believe motion zones are really functioning in the way it is described/advertised for.


Here is my setting for Motion Zone. Ring Community would not let me to upload multiple videos or pics at a time… of course not, don’t understand the point for that

Hi @Woosta. Thanks for sharing this information. Are you using a Wedge Kit with your Doorbell? I notice that there are a few steps leading up to your front door and the symptoms you are experiencing can be resolved by a Wedge Kit. I would also look at this Community Post here for tips and tricks on optimizing your doorbells motion detection. I hope this information helps!

Hello Tom, thanks for your quick response.

I’m not quite convienced how the wedge will resolve the problem that I’m having with People Only Mode, I thought it is meant to ignore all motions other than people? I can upload an example video for my doorbell capturing a vehicle passes. Also the Motion zones that I set are far away from where this vehicle is capturered.

How about the failed Pre-roll function? As you can see from the video uploaded, there is no 4 seconds of black and white pre-roll video recorded.

Hi Tom,

Any new findings or feedback from your service or engineering team?

I’m still having these open issues exist on my camera. Also the “Snapshot Capture” stopped working 4 days ago, I did not change any setting to the camera before this feature failed. It just automatically stopped taking snapshots.


Hi @Woosta, happy to chime in here. The Community is a neighbor-to-neighbor forum and not a direct line to support, but I’m happy to offer some clarification and helpful suggestions. Regarding the Wedge Kit, your Doorbell is currently pointed directly at the road so it catches all of the passing cars directly in its line of sight. This happens often when neighbors have steps leading up to their front door or porch area. The Wedge Kit will allow you to angle the Doorbell’s view down so it has your front steps and walkway in its direct line of sight rather than the road, which helps to cut down on motion alerts from passing cars.

As for the Snapshot Capture not working, you can try some basic troubleshooting such as disabling it and re-enabling it. If that doesn’t help, our support team is always available to assist at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile: