Multiple doorbells with multiple chimes?

I’ve read you can pair one doorbell to multiple chimes, and multiple doorbells to one chime, but can you pair multiple doorbells to multiple chimes? e.g. I want one doorbell at my front door, and one at the rear door, and two chimes; with both chimes ringing when either the front or rear doorbell are pressed.

Hi @metalhead. When you say chimes, are you referring to a chime kit such as an internal doorbell in your home, or a Ring Chime or Chime Pro? We do have some wiring diagrams in our Help Center Article here when it comes to using a Doorbell and a chime, like the internal chime kit. If you are using a Ring Chime or Chime Pro, you can find more information on linking your Ring Doorbell to it here. I hope this helps out! :slight_smile:

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring, thanks for your reply. Sorry, I was referring to multiple Ring Chime (2nd generation).

So if I had two Ring Chime (2nd generation), and two Ring Video Doorbells (e.g. RVD Pro 2), could they be setup so both Ring Chime (2nd generation) ‘chime’ when either doorbell is pressed?

@metalhead Thanks for that clarification! Yes, you can link multiple Ring Doorbells to the same Ring Chime so that it will alert you when there is a ding or motion at either Doorbell. I will note that the alert tone is going to be the same for both, as you cannot at this time set different alert tones on a Chime for different devices. :slight_smile: