Multiple copies of my location listed

Thinking of adding a device so for the first time in ages, I looked at my online account.

Under “My Plans”, my home is listed 13 times with only one of them showing a plan and device.

I’ve tried “Remove Location” and it seemed that might have an impact but no, the extra locations are still listed and now when I try removing them they say “Not Found”. It’s great thy’re not found in teh system BUT why are they still showing up when I look at my account?

Hi @Ronell, have you attempted to remove the locations from your app? Since the website is not allowing you to, I say to give that a try. Once in your Ring app, make sure you click in your main menu in the top left hand corner and then tap on your location’s name at the top left. From there, select any of your extra locations that do not have a device on said location. Then, go into “Settings” from the main menu and tap “Delete Location” from there. You will have to repeat this a few times, but that should help assist with getting you back down to your one location!