Multiple chimes

I read somewhere on a forum that the chime acts as an extender and as a result halves the bandwidth, is there any truth in this? I have 1 chime and it works well, I just wanted to know if the ring doorbell would experience reduced bandwidth if I was to place more chimes around the house, or if multiple chimes would create any sort of delay in responsiveness.

Thanks in advance.

Great question, @Wull! I’ll be happy to clarify this further for you. When you are connecting to wifi resources, your signal is being delivered over the air and may run into obstacles or interference along the way. An extender (Chime Pro) can help with this, however, the placement and usage of a wifi extender is very important. Any wifi extender by nature will create an additional check point for your signal. While an extender is going to extend the reach or your wifi signal in terms of distance, and might also help to avoid interference when placed strategically, it will indeed require some wifi resources to operate the extender.

Usually, when an extender is necessary, the resources or extra checkpoint for signal to travel through is less of an impact than the actual benefit the signal receives. Variables, such as many devices around the home trying to connect to one extender, can impact the performance of some extenders. Luckily, the Chime Pro only connects and extends signal to Ring devices! Adding an extender should not negatively effect your network, however, if your router is not outputting plenty of bandwidth (or wifi speeds), then adding an extender, or any additional devices, would certainly create an imbalance in device to resource ratio. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: