Multiple bases, same address, one protect plan?

Will be setting up 2 Ring alarms: 1 for the house and 1 for a barn, which is on the same property as the house. I want to monitor each structure separately as if the barn were to be triggered, I don’t want it affecting the house alarm and vice versa. Ring Protect states it’s one subscription for one address. Would like to confirm I can have both structures monitored under the same Ring Protect Plus subscription?


Hey @mrthomas33. For professional monitoring, we only allow one Alarm Base Station per location and specific address to be professionally monitored. Therefore, if you would like to have professional monitoring for both a home and barn Alarm Base Station, they will need to have separate addresses that are valid and verified.

My best recommendation for you, since you would like the systems to be separate, is to have your home Base Station be professionally monitored, and your barn location to be self monitored. This will allow you to have two separate systems that can be triggered and not affect the other. If anything were to happen at your barn location, you could then call up the local authorities yourself in order to get assistance. This helps keep your home safe and secure while still having a system watch over your barn. If you would still like to purchase a plan for what would be the barn location, you can, in order to still get the benefit of cellular backup.

Another recommendation is to have all devices in your barn and in your home on one Base Station, one location, and one plan… This will require you to use range extenders to try to get z-wave coverage on the barn. The range extenders have a 250ft open air coverage, however that is with optimal conditions and doesn’t include things like forces of nature and building structures that are in the way. Our devices are also not rated for outdoor usage, so having an extender outdoors to bridge the gap may pose a concern during the first time setup.

I hope this helps clear it up for you and you’re able to find a way that works best for you!

I figured as much and was planning to monitor the house professionally and manually monitor the barn. One suggestion is in your docs/FAQs it mentions the protect plan covers one address, maybe update it to one base station? Thanks again for the help.

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@mrthomas33 Great feedback! Thank you for that, I will make sure to pass that onto the appropriate team. Happy to help! :smiley_cat:

I have 2 ring doorbells in the same house. One at the front door and one at a side door.

I would like the Basic plan for both

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I have this same scenario (one address, home, and barn). The barn is 300 foot away from home. Have the same wired/wireless network in both locations. Ideally I want the barnd and home on one plan. Barn currently has: 1 spotlight camera, 1 indoor camera, 5 door/window switches, and 2 motion detectors. How can I get the 5 door/window switches, and 2 motion detectors to talk to the base station in my cabin (cameras are not problem)?

Did this work for you? We have a house and shop and want to do a similar set up. Our cameras reach by Orbi wiifi mesh system. I don’t think the door sensors will reach, our house is large and I already have so many extenders needed.

Considering that the range extenders are basically junk, having the ability to have multiple base stations on one account/address is really a requirement.

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I too have found the range extenders to not be helpful.

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I have a detached garage. I’d like to protect my house and garage, but be able to arm and disarm them independently of each other. E.g. the garage can be armed and the house disarmed. Can I do that with one base station, or do I need two?

I have an extra base station and a 6K sq. ft. house . Is there any way to use the second base for siren only?
I also have to agree the extenders are junk. I have one that was DOA out of the box!

Hi @AlexMurphy. For that situation, you would essentially need two different Ring Alarm systems if you wanted to arm and disarm the house and garage independently of each other. We really only recommend one Ring Alarm per home as you can’t set up multiple alarms on the same location in the Ring App.

@Dragonheart You cannot use multiple Base Stations at once within the same system. Each Ring Alarm system is going to have only one Base Station, and all of the components are then connected to that Base Station via z-wave. I hope this helps answer your question. :slight_smile:

It would be nice for those of us who have upgraded to Alarm Pro and have a second, now unused 1st gen Ring Alarm base station sitting around that we could at least use it for its siren functionality… Especially because there are currently no sirens offered that are any good (the dome siren is apparently software locked to a useless 95dB, so please don’t recommend that one).

Are you saying this is not possible to use the old base station as a siren only, that we should simply consider our old Ring Alarm base station a piece of junk?

I truly hope this is not the case. The world already has enough trash, we should make use of what we can.

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So much this! Having a nice piece of equipment just collecting dust when it could be functional is such a waste. As a siren and audible alert tool (door open chime, window open chime, etc.) it would be logical and functional.

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