Multiple Bad Transformers?

I have the pro doorbell, powered off the official Ring transformer. About a week ago it just stopped working. I confirmed 120VAC on the primary leads, but there is zero output from the transformer on the secondary and obviously no power to the doorbell itself.

So I ordered a replacement transformer from Ring, and i’m still having the same problem. 120 V confirmed, but no power coming out. If it helps at all, the resistance on the primary side of the first unit is about 21 OHMs, haven’t checked the new one. So not sure how to proceed…seems like it has to be the transformer? Is there anything I’m missing that it could be, other than the first transformer failing and the second being bad out of the box?

Also wondering if the doorbell unit itself developed a short and is killing the transformers. Anyone know how to test the doorbell itself with a multi? I checked resistance across the terminals and it was ~.6, but I have no idea what one would expect it to be if functioning normally.

Hi @TheDyers. It might be worth contacting our support team or a qualified electrician regarding this concern, as it will help to narrow down if the concern lies within the Doorbell, the transformer, or the wiring itself. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring , I actually did have an electrician look at it and the wiring is fine. It’s such a simple set up - we go from power to transformer to doorbell in the course of about three feet, all appropriately gauged. I’d call, but to be honest you don’t have an actual support team right now - I can’t commit the hour plus to sitting on hold to maybe get an answer.

So I’m hoping to get some help here. The problem is either that i received two bad transformers, or the Ring Pro unit itself has developed a short that is killing the transformers. I have a new, non-Ring-branded transformer now and I’m getting appropriate power at the secondary side and at the terminal ends of the wiring to the Ring Pro. I’m reluctant to hook the Pro up, though, until we troubleshoot this as I’m running up quite a tab on blown transformers.

In another message, one of the ring team @Marley_Ring mentioned that the Pro Power Kit was required for all setups, even if no powered chime was included. The instructions that came with it say otherwise, and I’m not sure how the absence of the Power Kit would lead to failure of the Pro unit as, if I’m not mistaken, the Power Kit is actually a capacitor which I think would increase the voltage, not reduce it as the resistors apparently used in previous generations would have done. Can either of you confirm the following for me?

1) Is it still correct to wire the Ring Pro directly to the Ring transformer, without a Pro Power Kit or resistor, for setups without a wired chime?
2) Is there any way to test a Ring Pro module for a possible short?

I’m hundreds of $ into this with hours lost on hold, so really do need someone to help me answer these questions online. Thanks in advance!!

@TheDyers I am not 100% however my understanding is that the pro power kit is required in all setups using the USA/120V electrical system.

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Hi @TheDyers. Definitely was a good call to have a qualified electrician check out the wiring and make sure everything looks good on that front. I did check with my team on this to verify the questions you were asking, and they did confirm it’s important to ensure that the Pro Power Kit is installed. If you’re not using a chime kit, you can use the Pro Power Kit in bypass mode. You’ll also have to select “no chime” when setting the Doorbell up in the Ring App.

If you are still running into issues with power or performance after making sure the Pro Power Kit is properly installed, you’ll want to follow up with support on the phone as it may require assistance from the advanced support team. You can reach out at one of the numbers available here. Feel free to let us know how that call goes if you do call into support.

@Caitlyn_Ring I think it might be good if Ring could post a guide around the pro power kit in a bit more detail as it does cause a lot of confusion for people and there are often forum questions about it. Something that says when to use it and when its not needed. For example its not even supplied in the UK with your devices but is recommended for devices on the 120vac system like the USA.


Thanks @Caitlyn_Ring . Bummer, the instructions definitely made it seem that the Pro Power Kit was not needed if there was no wired chime, so I tossed it! Hopefully they can help me with a replacement and any returns using the chatbot.

One important question still - it really sounds like maybe the lack of the Pro Power kit exposed the Ring Pro to excessive current, fried it, and that’s why it’s now taking out transformers. Again, is there a way to test the Ring Pro unit for a possible short?

@bemak187 Thanks for that feedback, I talked to my team about it to see if we can get some more information documented regarding the Pro Power Kit for the Doorbell Pro so we neighbors have more access to that information. In the meantime, our Help Center Article here with wiring diagrams has one for One Ring Doorbell Pro Direct to Transformer that can be helpful for now.

@TheDyers Yes our support team should definitely be able to help you with getting a Pro Power Kit. I would also raise this concern of the power or a possible short on the Pro to our support team directly so they can advice you on what to do next. They may consider a replacement if the Doorbell Pro is under warranty and is possibly damaged.

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Boy has this ever turned into an unpleasant experience. Hours of time spent trying to get answers later, I tried hooking it up again, this time using a Pro Power Pack, and it fried another new transformer! What more evidence do we need that I have a Ring Pro with a short, and barring another miserable hour and a half on hold, is there no way i can get this thing waranteed? At this point I’ve spent much more of my time than the cost to replace it, but I’m so frustrated that I’m still fighting on principle.